Khatif Holding Company, Kuwait

Entrepreneurs and talented professionals


Launched in 2008 by Ms Nouf AlBahar, it quickly established a reputation as the only destination lifestyle store.

From five star fashion to exquisite furniture, books and beautiful paintings, 4 is the veritable explosion of creativity that offers a unique shopping experience to those with a passion for the extraordinary

Bubbles Nail Spa

Created by Badriah AlGhamin & Nada AlFares in 2008, this luxury nail bar offers a relaxing ambience with a 100% PURE policy. They are one of the few nail bars that has disposable items for every treatment and their technichans are regualry trained by OPI and other famous brands to provide the best and cleanest treatments to their customers

Optimus Designs

Two young, creative, striving Kuwaiti architects came togather in 2004 to create a reality from dreams and achieve their clients optimum goal in design. Arch. Alia AlGhunaim & Ghanem Shehab.

Their aspiration was to design the ultimate desire for any human, to achieve physical and creative need by man from the furniture to the room to the house and to plan the event of any drean and make it come true. They designed multifunctional pieces that combine design and practicality.


This bakery was started by an Ex-Banker Ms Arwa AlTurkait, she was baking at hope for family and friends and everyone pushed her to start a bakery.

She developed this brand that offers cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes and Birthday Cakes and from a tiny unit in the Avenues mall in 2008, Crumbs now has a delivery fleet and growing number of locations


One of the first electronic companies in Kuwait managing the largest selection of restaurant orders distribution network in Kuwait

Started in 2000 by Mr Khaled Alotaibi as a university project, he made it a reality in 2004 and grew it to over 150 restaurants B2B and B2C and clients over 100,000.